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We’re NOT for Everyone! We are sarcastic, joke a lot and don’t walk on egg shells!

Colette Stripe Illusion | High Quality Kitchen Tea Towel


This kitchen essential is the secret ingredient to any store shelf. At first glance, it's a classic striped dish towel, but get a little closer, and you’ll see it’s stitching up some sass with a “Fuck Fuck Fuck” in fine print. It's a unique blend of kitsch, charm, and not-giving-a-darn, making it a funny and clever necessity to any kitchen. This waffle weave wonder is the master of mess, absorbing 7x its weight in cooking catastrophes while staying soft, and becoming fluffier with each laundry day.

Size: 16”x24”

 • Designed and Printed in the USA • Single Sided Print • High Performance Split Fiber Best Seller, Adult Humor, Unique, Gift, Viral