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We’re NOT for Everyone! We are sarcastic, joke a lot and don’t walk on egg shells!

F-ity Plaid Illusion | Viral Kitchen Tea Towel


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This dish towel is a masterpiece of stealth and wit—on the surface, it’s a chic, patterned kitchen essential, but up close, it’s a laugh riot with "Fuck Fuckity Fuck" slyly masquerading as stripes. Who knew cleaning could be so clever? It's not just about looks; this towel’s next-level absorbency means it can tackle a spill faster than you can curse at it. And it’s so soft and non-abrasive, your dishes might just thank you—if they could. With each wash, it fluffs up like a comedy act, ready for an encore. With over 500 raving reviews and a 98% sell-through rate, our towels are fast-shipping wonders of the modern world. They're the unique, kitsch pick-me-up every kitchen craves and every retailer needs. So, let's get those sales cooking and conversions cranking. Add to cart and watch this funny, clever, utterly unique towel become the hot topic of countertops everywhere! • Size: 16”x24” • Designed and Printed in the USA • Single Sided Print • High Performance Split Fiber