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Stainless Steel Protein Shaker Cup - Blank: White


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Durable and stylish, the stainless steel shaker cup is the perfect way to blend your protein shake on your trips to the gym. Available in two classic shades, black or white, the metal shaker cup is a good gift idea for men and women who like to work hard to obtain their fitness goals. Because the mixer cup is stainless steel, you get the benefit of it being BPA-free, in addition to its insulated double wall construction that helps with thermal retention. That way, your protein shake stays cooler for longer. The blender cup holds 25 oz. and comes with a ball and the standard leakproof shake mixer lid that helps prevent disaster when mixing your drink powder. Specifications: 3 1/2" (Top Dia.) x 8 5/8" (H) 9 cm (Top Dia.) x 22 cm (H) 25oz (750ml) Stainless Steel blender ball included. Measurements on the inside of the cup Stainless Steel & Plastic Screw on lid