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We’re NOT for Everyone! We are sarcastic, joke a lot and don’t walk on egg shells!


Weekly random items added here after we take our pictures (when we remember lol) for you to save on! Sometimes these were test runs, sample item made for pics and website, donated items, forgotten customer orders, irregular size ETC and we do NOT HAVE THE SPACE to store retail items. This means great savings for you!

Also know this is for ONLY THE ITEMS in this section because some of it also new items we're taking pics of but again, can't store them in house. If you'd like to order a different color or size, just check the website. If you're a GROUP member you get an additional 20% off of your order. Just check the code in the group, where we will also be showing more explicit stuff and one offs. Usually most of our hand poured Glitter Cups never make it to the website because they sell there..... FAST. :)